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Alright, girls, here's a question for y'all...

How do you react when your significant other is essentially droolin' over another woman?

...just call me curious...
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1. Get jealous

Number 1 is no fun

2. Go to Frederick's or Victoria's and get some ultra sexy lingerie and then have some fun in the bedroom with your significant other.
1. I already am

2. Help me find somethin'?
To Frederick's we go!!
I think I like the little pink number best...although maybe we should keep lookin'!
I would kick his butt...but I already told you that.*laughs*
I've kicked his butt...he ain't got any in a few days. -snorts-
I give her a dirty look and shrug it off. At the end of the day I know I'm the one he's coming home to and thats what matters. Besides, if I was in the same room as Brad Pitt for example, I know my ass would be the one staring and droolin.

So I guess just let it go unless it really becomes a problem.
You know, you're right. I think I'm totally overreactin' to all of this, and I completely blame my hormones. It's kinda difficult to hear the man you love say another woman's hot when you don't particularly feel very attractive at the moment, you know?
grab the video camera and make a home made movie. mmmmm
NO! -cries-

I think you're the bully. :(
I feel like a home wrecker. *....*
you're so not. I think me and my pregnant self are just overreactin' here. :-*
okay, good, I was worried I might get attacked by a pregnant lady for a minute there *winks* :-*
1. Take a few seconds to calm down.
2. Remember that he's a man.

a man with an overemotional pregnant girlfriend. :(